Special Solutions

At some point, every organization comes across a project or mission that cant fail. Whether that is a mission dynamic or a project delivering competitive advantage, these efforts cannot fail. We provide the necessary disipline and skills to set the conditions for success.

Why to choose us

We have worked in delivering special communications packages for SOF Units as well as special applicaitons for commercial entities that do not fit a standard enterprise form factor.

At DDS, we will not sell you overly complex solutions that will require additional contracts to support. Or desire is to ensure that through our consulting engagements that you walk away with a solution that will help you meet your goals. We strongly believe that your success is ours!

At DDS, we specialize in developing both physical and logical Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Whether it is developing technological capability supporting an existing BI department or the development of an entire BI Practice, DDS has the qualified professionals that can help to solve some of the most difficult business problems.

At DDS, we understand what it means to operate across boundaries and timezones.